Sherring .:. Hindu Tribes and Castes

Sherring, Matthew Atmore, Hindu Tribes and Castes. Delhi: Cosmo Publications, 1974-1987. 3 Volumes, xxiii, 405, lxviii, 376, vi, 336 p. with illustrations. Leinen mit Schutzumschlag. 4to.
* Nachdruck der Ausgabe London 1872-1881. - Schutzumschläge mit Rissen, Leinen und Spiegel mit Blasenwurf (Produktionsfehler).

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 Sherring .:. Hindu Tribes and Castes

First published: London 1872-1881. I: Hindu Tribes and Castes as represented in Benares; II: Hindu Tribes and Castes together with an Account of the Mahomedan Tribes of the North-West Frontier and of the Aboriginal Triebes of the Central Provinces; III: Hindu Tribes and Castes together with three dissertations: On the Natural History of Hindu Caste; The Unity of Hindu Race; The Propects of Indian Caste; and including a general index of the three volumes. - This monumental work is very systematic and clearly arranged. Every Caste, from the highest Brahman to the lowest classes of aborigines and outcaste, is reviewed in much detail.

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