Mackay .:. The Freedomseeker

Mackay, John Henry, The Freedomseeker. The Psychology of a Development. Freiburg: Mackay-Gesellschaft, 1983. 198 pages. Paperback.
* Der Freiheitsucher; Translated by Charles and Nora Alexander. Typoscript edited by Edward Mornin. The first German edition was published by the author, Berlin-Charlottenburg, in 1920. This first English edition was originally published by the Mackay-Gesellschaft, Freiburg 1983.

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 Mackay .:. The Freedomseeker

This book and Mackay's earlier book THE ANARCHISTS, comprise his two "Books of Freedom". THE FREEDOMSEEKER traces the psychological development of one individual, Ernst Foerster, in his quiet freedom.
Drawing on his own experience, Mackay portrays Foerster's life as a search for meaning in a world suffering under the brutal and oppressive force wielded by those in authority, and embodied in the State. It is the story of an individual's struggle against - and triumph over - domination, hypocrisy and despair. And in the course of the narrative, the author's philosophy of individual sovereignty and equal freedom unfolds in fine details and in broad flowing strokes.
This is the first English language edition of Mackay's bold and beautiful classic which he originally published in Germany in 1920.

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