Frost .:. Harvard and Cambridge

Frost, Jack, Harvard and Cambridge. A Sketch Book. New York: Coward-McCann, 1940. vi, 89 Seiten mit Abbildungen. Leinen mit Schutzumschlag. 4to.
* Texte und Zeichnungen von Frost. - Schutzumschlag mit Rissen.

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Harvard and Cambridge A Sketch Book
The campus of Harvard University and the curiosities of old Cambridge have proved to be the ideal locale for Jack Frost. As in A Cape Cod Sketch Book, published last Year, he has not only captured the very spirit of one of New England's most interesting old cities in his delightful pencil sketches, but he has also delved into the history and fable surrounding each of his subjects. Nearly a hundred drawings with accompanying text here make up a book which will add much to Mr. Frost's already very considerable reputation.

When Charles Lee wrote in The Boston Herald of A Cape Cod Sketch Book: "It is a charming portrait of an old America, a picture of tradition, a lively book of sketch and tale that catches something of the essence of Yankeeland," he might have been describing this latest book—for such it is.

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